About IHRA, Inc.

The Indiana Horse Racing Association, Inc. (IHRA), an Indiana Not For Profit Corporation, was founded in 2014 for the following purposes: 1) Establishing and maintaining the Indiana Horse Racing Hall of Fame to recognize leaders in the Indiana horse racing industry; 2) Preserving the history, heritage and traditions of the sport; and 3) Educating the public about the rich and colorful history of horse racing in Indiana and its many contributions to Indiana agriculture and Indiana’s economy.

Admission into the Indiana Horse Racing Hall of Fame is determined by a vote of the Directors of IHRA. To be eligible for admission, a person must have made long lasting and substantial contributions for the benefit and advancement of the sport of horse racing in Indiana.

The directors of the IHRA are Joe Davis, John Keeler, Jack Kieninger, Paul Martin, Rick Moore, Rod Ratcliff, and Jon Schuster.


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